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Here is the Archive of the pictures that have been identified so far.

NOTE: We haven't identified if you can identify any of the "?" or events, please email the Historical Society with any information you can provide.

Thank you to everyone who submitted information!

Back to the current list of pictures.

#1 (Click image to enlarge)

The 20th reunion of the class of 1943, at Gateway Lodge.
From left to right, front to back.
Mrs. Paul Pearson, Ruth Olson ( Mrs.. E.A. Davis) Jean Blackwell. Sid Backlund, Harvey Mork, Erland Shold, Paul Johnson, Carl Eidnes Norman Pederson, George Nelson Jr., Ozzie Pederson, Glen Bergstrom.
#2 (Click image to enlarge)

c1968 Basketball team
From left to right, front to back
Steve Pecord, Jim Schmidt, Buck Benson, Terry Zimmerman, Kirk Tofte. Jim Kimball, Chuck Futterer, Ralph Johnson, Jerry Massie, Steve Peterson, Robin Netland.

#3 (Click image to enlarge)

Marian Jacobsen teacher. Front row Sherri Engel, Alice Boisvert, Bonnie Gilbertsen, Janet Kratoska.
Back Row: Nancy Jackson, Marion Wojtysiak, Mona Anderson, and Rhea Whissemore.
#4 (Click image to enlarge)

Hospital Auxiliary fashion show - 1966.
From left to right. front to back.
Wendy Thoreson (Yecoshenko), Kristen Sjoberg (Carambula), Linda From, Pansy Rude, Mary Jane Hedstrom, Linda Hedstrom (Noble), Irene Hammer (Malner).

#5 (Click image to enlarge)

No info yet.
#6 (Click image to enlarge)

Roy Maddson to the right, Frank Lehto is in the Lion's vest in the background. Anyone know who the guitar player is?

#7 (Click image to enlarge)

In no correct order: Dorothy Saethre, Kathy Krotz, Mary Waha, Lavona Saethre, Jeanne Kloster.
#8 (Click image to enlarge)

Rosanne and Gary Norman. July 4th parade, mother Mickey Norman made the outfits, including the oatmeal “firecracker” hats.

#9 (Click image to enlarge)

Diane Backlund with a trout at the Lion's Trout Derby late 1950's early 1960's
#10 (Click image to enlarge)

Row 1; Patty Mulligan in wheelchair, Beth Leng
Row 2 Rhea Berglund (Backstrom), Joan Toftey, ?, Marian Berglund (Percell)
Row 3: Janet Lindquist, Valayne Johnson, Rosemary Smith (Lamson), Bobbie Creech (Dunn), Helen Jackson

#11 (Click image to enlarge)

Chris Everson, Frank Lehto
#12 (Click image to enlarge)

Brian Olsen and Jennifer Bushman, 4 of July Parade 1964. Alton Olsen built the car for Brian.

#13 (Click image to enlarge)

No identification.
#14 (Click image to enlarge)

No identification.

#15 (Click image to enlarge)

1 Carl Freeberg, 2 Frank Lehto, 3 Art Kohler Mn-Wisc, 4 Hjalmer Helmerson
#16 (Click image to enlarge)

No identification.

#17 (Click image to enlarge)

No identification.
#18 (Click image to enlarge)

Rev. Edmonds with Anna and Mons Hanson, 1950 dedication of Lutheran church

#19 (Click image to enlarge)

In Hovland Church kitchen: Dolly Koss, Caroline Bergstrom, Mable Johnson, Jennie Arnquist, Ida Hammer, Karin Berglund
#20 (Click image to enlarge)

Harold Schuppel, Sr., Gordon Finley, John Koss, Art Onqstad, Nels Norman, Clarence Johnson, Anton Arnquist, Carl Thorson
Building committee for the new Hovland church.

#21 (Click image to enlarge)

Mrs. Jorli Johnson
#22 (Click image to enlarge)

Mary Ann Barton, Man is Robert Silver

#23 (Click image to enlarge)

1-Deloris Croft Johnson 4-Nona (Bockovich) Smith
#24 (Click image to enlarge)

No identification.

#26 (Click image to enlarge)

Lions Club Picnic Committee Meeting.
Row 1: Emil Hall, John Blackwell, Alton Olsen, ???, and Chuck Futterer
Row 2: Wes Hedstrom, Ed Humphrey, Ted Wynn, Frank Lehto, and Jim Pedersen
#27 (Click image to enlarge)

First Congregational Church Confirmation Class.
Front row Glenn Jacobsen, Jean Sandstrom, Rose Marie Congleton, Janice Seglem.
Back row Joanne Shroyer, Rev. Symonds, Bonita Wonser.

#28 (Click image to enlarge)

Ski Team - probably 1955
Left to right: Jerry Loh, Bob Jones?, Chuck Toftey, Ron Tormendsen, Bob Wegstein, Roy Lindskoog, Paul Moen, Marlin Hansen, Bruce Kerfoot, and Jim Nelson
#29 (Click image to enlarge)

Far left Walter Wojitesiak
#30 (Click image to enlarge)

1960 Football Team
1-1 Russell Carlson, 1-2 Jack Blackwell, 1-3 Sjoberg, 1-4 Bob Cushman, 1-5 Mike MacKenzie, 1-7 Leslie Donek
2-4 Nick Jacobsen, 2-6 Barney Peet, 3-4 Brian Linnell
#31 (Click image to enlarge)

1960's - Former Hedstrom Lumber Co. employees during 50th anniversary celebration lunch at Kerfoot Cove.
Left to right: Chester Erickson, Lawrence Hedstrom, Charles Anderson, Hilding Bjorklund, Paul Backlund, Ray Sjoberg Sr., Einar Mort, Vern Linnell, Ralph Nelson, Victor Anderson, Emil Anderson and Henry Lindskog
#32 (Click image to enlarge)

Old Timers' Gathering at the Fisherman's Picnic-1950's - 1960's
1-1 Mrs. John (Eide)Loh, 2-2 Mrs. Judith Olson, 2-4 (hat) Ameldia Stickney, 2-6 Theresa Bockovich, 2-7 Jim Mahle (?), 2-8 Violet Freeberg, 2-9 Mary Ridgeway
#33 (Click image to enlarge)

Old Timer's Gathering-1964
#34 (Click image to enlarge)

Ev Bushman, Jr. and Carl Seglem
#35 (Click image to enlarge)

Chief Bosum mate William Thorogood
#36 (Click image to enlarge)

1959 - Effie Faulkner McClain Nolan, Mildred Mainella, Teed Hull (then post mistress, Grand Portage),?
#37 (Click image to enlarge)

Ground Breaking November 1977
4 Linda Bystrom, 5 Darold Rosebacka (?), 6 Gene Erickson, 7 (with shovel) Stuart Jackson, 8 Steve Quaife, 9 (with shovel) Richard Humphrey, 10 George Maruska, 11 Mildred Thorsen, 12 Dick Joynes, 13 Dan Edson, 14 Ruby Nelson, 15 Alma Olson, 16 Clarence Hemmingson, 17 Don Davison
#38 (Click image to enlarge)

Lutsen (?) 4-H Group from 1980's
Wayd McQuatters, Gwen Lyght, Nancy Lyght, Correy Merritt, Clint McQuatters, Robert Parent and Ron Merritt
#39 (Click image to enlarge)

Second grade class - 1948
Front row left to right: Bobbie Zimmerman, Sharon Blackwell, Janice Toftey, Susan Toftey, Judy Almie, Joanne Schroeder (?)
Back row: Nancy Jackson (?), Janice Seglem, Alvina Johnson, Rollie Scott, and Sharon Moe
#40 (Click image to enlarge)

no information
#41 (Click image to enlarge)

Miss North Shore and Attendants - 1980
Queen: Leona Wilson, Left: Kristi Nelson, Right: Michelle Ouelette
#42 (Click image to enlarge)

School Picture circa 1944
Front row, left to right: Gerri Lind, Bea Zimmerman, Barbara Bramer, Betty Hansen, Christine West, Betty Blackwell
Second row, left to right: Terry Brownell, teacher, Don Ingram, Bill Corcoran, Glen Bergstrom, Harvey Morck, Paul Johnson
#43 (Click image to enlarge)

School - 1947
Front row, left to right: Dorothy Hegelmier, Teacher, Ronnie Anderson, Patsy Erickson, Deloris Winterstrom, Nelda Bockovich, Lorrain Forest, June Gilbertsen, Joanne Ingram
Second row, left to right: Harry Helmerson, Jerry Malner, Ev Bushman, Bill Bally, Gordon Lindquist, Joanne Skadberg?, Gladys Running, Dorothy Reed
Third row, left to right: Francis Drouillard, Gene Malner, Carl Ertsgard, Raymond Hart, Ray Sjoberg, Henry Larsen, Harpo Mercer, Roger Erickson
#44 (Click image to enlarge)

High school prom photo from the Late 1950's.
Starting from the front: Sharon Kerfoot and Marvin Rude, Sue Popham and Dwight Smith, Gail Linnell and David Wahlstrom, Joan Warner and Norman Brady.
#45 (Click image to enlarge)

Class of 1945 photo
#46 (Click image to enlarge)

Minnesota State Centenial - 1958
Front row: Janet Kloster, Brenda Peterson, Jean Holm
Back row: Carla or Julie Freeberg, Marie Williamson or Linda Duhaime, Ronelle Peterson, Diane Backland, Vicky Anderson and Nancy Nelson
#47 (Click image to enlarge)

Junior/Senior Banquet, 1958 or 1959
Robert Jones, Jerry Linnell, Ted Backlund, Richard MacKensie, Donald Schliep, Bruce Leng
#48 (Click image to enlarge)

Junior/Senior Banquet, 1958 or 1959
Paul Moen, Jack Holt, Music teacher Danielson, far end is John (Jim?)Moe
#49 (Click image to enlarge)

Cheerleaders - 1958
Sharon Moe, Deloris Sherer, Marlys Swanson, Mary Swanson
#50 (Click image to enlarge)

Minnesota Centennial - 1958
#51 (Click image to enlarge)

Minnesota Centennial - 1958
Adele Twiest (right)
#52 (Click image to enlarge)

Minnesota Centennial - 1958. Eleanor Stone, center.
#53 (Click image to enlarge)

Team - 1958
Terry Scott, Bob Toftey, Coach Dave Erholtz, Jimmy Toftey and Dave Seglem
#54 (Click image to enlarge)

Queens 1961-1962
#55 (Click image to enlarge)

Justine Kerfoot is Third Person
#56 (Click image to enlarge)

1951 North Shore Resorters. Third Person is Loren Leng.
#57 (Click image to enlarge)

1978 Parade
#58 (Click image to enlarge)

Girl's Team - 1990s
First row, left to right: Andrea Koval, Sue Nelson, Gina Nicoliason
Second row, left to right: Beth White, Megan Quarles, Gina Gervais, Hilja Iverson, Joelle Anderson
Third row, left to right: Karen Boline, Judy Houglum, Raina Borak, Sarah Jorgenson, Stacy Schulte
#59 (Click image to enlarge)

August, 1962. We know who the right and left hand girls are, but who is the girl in the middle?
#60 (Click image to enlarge)

Picture taken at the Baptist Church.
1st person on right: Bernice Shold Howard, 2nd person on right: Fredia Backlund Shold (Mrs. Andrew Shold)
#61 (Click image to enlarge)

Perhaps the County Centennial?Alex Grandlouis, Mary Grandlouis his wife, unknown, Lex Porter, Joe Porter, Joseph Longbody
#62 (Click image to enlarge)

A learned man, minister? attorney? teacher?
#63 (Click image to enlarge)

This is believed to be the Louis Engelson family. Can anyone verify that this is correct?
#64 (Click image to enlarge)

A Maude Small photo from c1910. Nurse Mrs. Champaign.
#65 (Click image to enlarge)

Lizzie Bennett, Grand Portage c1935
#66 (Click image to enlarge)

Row1: Anne Eliasen, Bea Eliasen, (rest of row unidentified)
Row2: Happy Sather, (unidentified), Clarence Eliasen, Edwin Thoreson, Ragna Hanson Humphrey, (rest of row unidentified)
Row3: Art Eliasen, Malbe Johnson Stoltz, (unidentified group), Ted Johnson
#67 (Click image to enlarge)

Grand Portage c1935
1 Hazel Cyrette, 2 (younger) Marian Cyrette
#68 (Click image to enlarge)

Man and Saw: Bolin Sawmill in Hovland, c1950's
#69 (Click image to enlarge)

Sawing Log
#70 (Click image to enlarge)

Log on Carriage
#71 (Click image to enlarge)

Man and Log
#72 (Click image to enlarge)

Log Carriage
#73 (Click image to enlarge)

Man at Carriage
#74 (Click image to enlarge)

Recent donation to the society. Marie Hagen and Nella Engelsen. Grand Portage? c1930's.
#75 (Click image to enlarge)

Free Church Summer School - 2001(?)
Marilyn Nelson (woman standing), Zac Buchheit, Nate Carlson, Kimberlee Dossey, Madeline Young, ?, Sarah Riddle, (?) Riddle, Alex Murray, Gwen Carman, and Alex's grandmother
#76 (Click image to enlarge)

Free Church Summer School - 2001(?)
, Sara Carman, ? Ben Seaton, Raynee Wolke, Ashley Berglund, ? Austen Graham, ? Anna Green, ???
#77 (Click image to enlarge)

Free Church Summer School - 2001(?)
#78 (Click image to enlarge)

Free Church Summer School - 2001(?)
Mary Ruth Barton (woman sitting left), FrankieMiller, Melanie Stoddard, Dedk Vereechum MacMillian, ? , Emily Terrill, Jamie, Sjogren, ?(teacher) ?(teacher), Anna Carman, Maggie McMillian, ?
#79 (Click image to enlarge)

1958 - Minnesota Centennial
#80 (Click image to enlarge)

1958 Pep Club.
1-3 Horen, Bonnie, 1-4 Backstrom, Nancy, 1-5 Toftey, Janice, 1-7 Noyes, Carole
2-1 Heiskari, Diane, 2-2 Olson, Beverly, 2-4 Congleton, Kathy, 2-5 Toftey, Diane, 2-6 Soderlund, Dixie, 2-7 Erickson, Leslie, 2-8 Linnell, Gail, 2-9 Linnell, Pam, 2-10 Linnelle, Laverne, 2-11 Lamb, Kathy, 2-12 Bockovich, Florence
3-1 Mianowski, Mrs., 3-2 Manzer, Sue, 3-3 Swanson, Marlys, 3-5 Humphrey, Judy, 3-6 Sundquist, June, 3-7 Warner, Joan
4-7 Wjotisiak, Marian, 4-9 Whissemore, Rhea, 4-10 Sundquist, Diane
#81 (Click image to enlarge)

Mn. Centennial parade, 1958,.
1-5 has been tentatively identified as Florence Bloomquist.
#82 (Click image to enlarge)

1958 Minnesota Centennial Pageant
#83 (Click image to enlarge)

1978 Protest
Bruce Kerfoot, Richard Humphrey (center), Tim Kennedy
(can any one elaborate on what they were doing?)
#84 (Click image to enlarge)

Back: Dick Swanson, Carol Cresczyk
Front: Commissioners Frank Hansen, Howard Massie, Chet Lindskog, Jim Thompson, and Jim Hull
The date is believed to be 1982
#85 (Click image to enlarge)

#86 (Click image to enlarge)

Nov. 1961
#87 (Click image to enlarge)

School Play 1955
Brandt, Carl 1-1, Eliasen, David 1-2, Borgel, Pat 1-3, Eide, Vernon 1-4
Hochstetler, Dorothy 2-1, Linnell, Linda Bystrom 2-2, Schuster, Janet 2-3, Quaife, Steven 2-4, Erickson, Dorothy 2-5, Nelson, Sandy 2-6, Gunderson, George 2-7, Brock, Bob 2-8, Springer, Keith 2-9, Schulte, Darlene 2-10, Cartwright, David 2-11, Nelson, Karen 2-12, Humphrey, Richard 2-14
#88 (Click image to enlarge)

Community Theater, c1950 Stephen Foster
Identified are: 1-1 Amelia Pickins Stickney, 1-2 Amy Hussey, 1-3 unknown
2-1 Fern Shold?, 2-2 Mrs. Wilkinson, 2-3 Francis Fenstad, 2-4, 2-5 Eleanor Jentoft Sjoberg, 2-6, 2-7 Dephine Moe?, 2-9 Ellen Eliasen
3-1 Al Fenstad, 3-2, 3-3 Marshall Fenstad, 3-4 Ragna Humphry, 3-5 John Spelman, 3-6 Merlin Mulligan, 3-7 Ora Wilcox, Director, 3-8 Kathy Kenna, 3-9, 3-10, 3-11 Alex Sjoberg, 3-12 Herb Hedstrom?
#89 (Click image to enlarge)

C1948 school play
Backstrom, Lee 1, Fensted, Elizabeth 2, Potter, Patsy 3, Bushman, Dave 4, Derewenko, Carol 5, Bent, Walter 6
#90 (Click image to enlarge)

c1960 prom punch girls. 1 Sandra Schuster Everson, 2 Karen Warner, 3 Dorothy Lindquist, 4 Ann Humphrey
#91 (Click image to enlarge)

c1960 prom orchestra.
Richards, Doris 6 (Piano), Jackson, Tom 1, unknown 2, Blomberg, Jack 3, Ikola, Harold 4, Brock, Robert 5
#92 (Click image to enlarge)

c1951 school program
#93 (Click image to enlarge)

c1951 school program
#94 (Click image to enlarge)

1987 - Grand Portage school students
#95 (Click image to enlarge)

1959 prom
1 Marks, Barbara, 2 Horen, Bonnie,3 Lamb, Kathy
#96 (Click image to enlarge)

#97 (Click image to enlarge)

1961 prom
Running, Walter 1, Joynes, Dick 2, Strand, Maribeth 3, Unknown 4, Backlund, Joan 5
#98 (Click image to enlarge)

Zoar women during the 100th anniversary, 2007
#99 (Click image to enlarge)

Front row: Seth Williams, Rebecca Jorgenson, Anna Jorgenson
Back: Charlie LaBoda, Ben Cervenka, Jessica Glaza, Kelly Senty, Jonathan Steckelberg, Ashley Curtis, Kent Johnson, Coach Arleigh Jorgenson.
Little League Cubs 1994
#100 (Click image to enlarge)

Music at the Sr. Center c2000

pow wow c1997
#102 (Click image to enlarge)

Girl Scout cookie drive c2001
1-1 Cassie Carlson, 1-2 unknown, 2-1 Lauren Murphy, 2-2 Paisley Howard- Larsen 2-3 Kara Pearson
#103 (Click image to enlarge)

Pinewood derby
1-1 Devon Pauling 1-2 Will Petty, 1-3 Christian Cole, 1-4 Aaron Carlson, 1-5 Zach Bauman. 2-1 Ian Sylvester, 2-2 Steven Olson, 2-3 Luke Miller, 2-4 Brandon Cole, 2-5 Mike Smith
#104 (Click image to enlarge)

Girl's team 2001
#105 (Click image to enlarge)

March, 2001
#106 (Click image to enlarge)

Mae Backlund, librarian. Who are the others?
#107 (Click image to enlarge)

1-1 Denham, Mike, last in row 1 Smith, Dwight
2-1 Linnell, Jerry, 2-2 Thompson, Rick, 2-3 Schleip, Donny, 2-6 Brady, Norman
3-2 Rude, Marvin, 3-3 Wishcop, Bruce, 3-6 Lamb, Skip, 3-7 Gilbertson, Errol
#108 (Click image to enlarge)

Norma Jacobsen is showing the 6th grade students from Lutsen the high school
#109 (Click image to enlarge)

Life Savers. Gary Rindahl, Jack Blackwell, Glenn Larson, Jim Eliasen, Lloyd Speck.
#110 (Click image to enlarge)

Dixie, etc
#111 (Click image to enlarge)

no info
#112 (Click image to enlarge)

School 1998
#113 (Click image to enlarge)

class of 1950 reunion 2000
#114 (Click image to enlarge)

Mrs. Jacksons 1st grade Christmas Program 1949
1 Humphrey, Judy, 2 Popham, Sue, 3 Soderlund, Dixi, 4 Linnell, Pam, 5 Engel, Sherrie, 6 Grist, Caroline, 7 Linnell, Gail
#115 (Click image to enlarge)

Hovland Christmas c. 1950
#116 (Click image to enlarge)

Sports team c. 1953
1-3 Fenstad, Marshall, 1-4 Pratt, Bob 1-6, Mercer, Mally, 1-7 Bystrom, Dick, 1-8 Cummings, Tom
2-2 Swanson, Bob, 2-5 Erickson, Donald, 2-10 Hansen, Marlin
3-1 Smith, Larry, 3-3 Dalbec, Jim, 3-4 Jackson, Stuart, 3-5 Jackson, Harold, 3-6 Moen, Walter, 3-7 Burns, Curt, 3-8 Erickson, Gene
#117 (Click image to enlarge)

AFS 1966
#118 (Click image to enlarge)

School c. 1960
Creech, May Carter Teacher, Lee Billy standing 1 Peterson, Glenn, standing 2, Pederson, Richard standing 3, Dyrseth, Harry, standing 4, Schlienz, Ron standing 5, Speck, Dale standing 6, Massie, Steve standing 7, Humphrey, Mary standing 8, Krotz, clarice standing 9, Joynes, Liz standing 10, Donek, Joyce standing 11, Thoreson, Wendy, standing 12, Johnson, Virginia standing 13
unk 3-1 dark sweater, Horen, Mike 3-2, Backlund, Judy 3-3, Nelson, Betty 3-4 ?
Thompson, Joy 2-1, Saethre, Lavona 2-2, Waha, Mary 2-3, Olsen, Eddie 2-4, Anderson, Colleen 2-5
From, Linda 1-1, Freeberg, Carla 1-2, Sylvester, Leonard 1-3, Sherman, Mike 1-4
#119 (Click image to enlarge)

1961 Red Cross
#120 (Click image to enlarge)

Community play
#121 (Click image to enlarge)

Musical group
#122 (Click image to enlarge)

Gunflint 1995
#123 (Click image to enlarge)

Reunion of Class of 1928
2 Elsie Soderlund (Palmer), 3 Ruby Helmerson (Nelson), 4 Lois Alm, 5 Mabel Allen (Lund), 6 Loren Leng
#124 (Click image to enlarge)

Installation of Bert Locker as minister
2 Bert Locker,4 Roger Livdahl
#125 (Click image to enlarge)

c 1998
#126 (Click image to enlarge)

c 1998
#127 (Click image to enlarge)

c 1998
#128 (Click image to enlarge)

highway patrol
#129 (Click image to enlarge)

#130 (Click image to enlarge)

golf tournament, probably North Shore Health Care Foundation, date unknown. Center woman is Cindy Nelson.
#131 (Click image to enlarge)

#132 (Click image to enlarge)

Grand prize winners at the fair - date unknown.
#133 (Click image to enlarge)

Making voyageur dolls, CCHS 1964
#134 (Click image to enlarge)

#135 (Click image to enlarge)

#136 (Click image to enlarge)

#137 (Click image to enlarge)

Tofte school
#138 (Click image to enlarge)

Old school
#139 (Click image to enlarge)

Thelma and classmates
#140 (Click image to enlarge)

Pasteurizing plant
#141 (Click image to enlarge)

Pasteurizing plant
#142 (Click image to enlarge)

GM products, pasteurizing plant
#143 (Click image to enlarge)

GM products, pasteurizing plant
#144 (Click image to enlarge)

GM products, pasteurizing plant
#145 (Click image to enlarge)

Rotary club
#146 (Click image to enlarge)

WW1 Vets and Ladies Auxiliary
#147 (Click image to enlarge)

WW1 Vets and Ladies Auxiliary
#148 (Click image to enlarge)

4-H (4 is Hannah Lakey, 5 is Mindy Silence, and 6 is Jordy Saethre)
#149 (Click image to enlarge)

Hospital 1995
#150 (Click image to enlarge)

School 1999
#151 (Click image to enlarge)

1997 Subdistrict Champions (3 is Tara Lehto, 4 is Brienne Strand)
#152 (Click image to enlarge)

Fishburger stand
#153 (Click image to enlarge)

Fishburger stand, Fisherman's Picnic
#154 (Click image to enlarge)

Fisherman's Picnic Contest
#155 (Click image to enlarge)

Fisherman's Picnic Contest
#156 (Click image to enlarge)

Class of 1961
#157 (Click image to enlarge)

Early 1950s - School PTA
#158 (Click image to enlarge)

Early 1950s - School PTA
#159 (Click image to enlarge)

Congregational Church 1941 Confirmation

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