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7/27/15 - Christmas in July

Mon, 07/27/2015 - 10:13am

7/27/15 - Christmas comes but once a year... except at Sawbill!

Each summer, in either June or July, Sawbill crew members don Santa hats, crank up holiday tunes an spend hours baking and decorating cookies for our second Christmas. On the 24th, a festive dinner is held after everyone is off work, and we exchange presents and listen to a mixed CD put together by the crew members.

This amazing Christmas tree cookie was made by Kevin, and was later devoured by some Boy Scouts.

Crew members pose with their gifts

Olive received a jar of olives, and a kiwi likeness of herself, a nod to her semester spent in New Zealand.

Cindy Lou reacts to opening her present

Even Uno got dressed up for the occasion - Logan asked him to bring good fishing.

Festivities lasted long into the night, and leftovers are still being enjoyed. Happy Holidays, however you celebrate them! - Elena

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7/19/15 - Sawbill's Youngest "Intern"

Sun, 07/19/2015 - 7:14pm

7/19/15 - Just this month Sawbill took on its youngest "intern" - Alex Lundgren, age 9.

Alex has been coming to Sawbill since he was a baby, and has wanted to work for here for just about as long. He was promised a job just as soon a he turned nine, which he did earlier this year. Alex came up for a week, and was nice enough to let his parents tag along while he "worked."

This summer, Alex received training in working the store desk and washing life jackets. When he and his parents come later this summer, he may graduate to washing tents!

Alex learns to play cribbage during a quiet night in the store - all Sawbill crew members are required to know how to play cribbage, and Alex is determined to have a strong application when he is able to apply for a real job - only nine more years!

We loved having Alex with us (as did the customers) and are eagerly anticipating his return. - Elena

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7/16/15 - Crew Trips

Thu, 07/16/2015 - 9:55am

7/16/15 - Sawbill crewmembers have a pretty sweet deal when it comes to vacation days. Instead of taking regularly scheduled days off each week, we can allow those days to accumulate and take longer periods of time off. Some use those days off to go home and visit family and friends, but the majority of Sawbillians prefer to use their vacation days for another purpose - crew trips!

So far this year, we have had two all-crew trip as well as a few crew-plus-friends/family trips. These trips not only give crewmembers time to relax and have fun, but also helps crewmembers to turn first-hand experience into good advice when customers ask for recommendations.

The first crew trip was made up of crewmembers Claire, Logan, Kevin, and Olivia

Both groups this year put in at Brule Lake, and visited several lakes including Winchill, Long Island, Frost, Ogema, Hub, and Cherokee.

Full moon over Frost Lake. Photo by Emma Nelson.

The second group, who dubbed themselves ELLA due to their collective first initials (Emma, Lindsey, Laura, and Ana) pose with dinner from their first night

Beautiful sunsets were enjoyed by all - Elena

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7/14/15 - Missing Dog Found!

Tue, 07/14/2015 - 6:54pm

7/14/15 - Fantastic news: Bode, the dog who was lost on Burnt Lake on June 29th has been found! A family camping near Nine Mile Lake came across Bode and he very willingly went with them - he had a long adventure in the woods and was ready to go home. The family took him back to their home in Grand Rapids, where his owners will be going to pick him up.

Thank you to everyone who helped in the search for Bode, and especially to the wonderful family who took him in. Bode's owners are incredibly grateful for all the effort people put into finding their dog and the moral support their received as well. They got their happy ending after all. - Elena

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