Active LIving Steering Committee is active

In January 2011, Grand Marais City Council passed a resolution solidifying the city’s support of the concept of “Active Living,” which is about creating an environment in which people of all ages and abilities have the chance to be active as they move through their daily lives:  walking and biking for fun or transportation, gardening, playing outside, and so on.  One’s surroundings can make being active easier, or they can make it more difficult.  The resolution set forth an intention that Active Living will be considered an important factor in all city projects, policies, and decisions. 

This idea of Active Living took another step in March of 2011, when members of the Grand Marais community came together to discuss the formation of an Active Living Steering Committee.  Since last March, the Active Living Steering Committee has been working on ways to achieve their goal of “More People, More Active, More Often” and to make the ideas behind Active Living a reality in Grand Marais.

As 2012 unfolds, the Active Living Committee continues to move forward.  Thanks to a grant from the Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation, the Grand Marais Active Living Steering Committee was able to fund a part-time coordinator position for the 2012 year.  Hartley Newell-Acero will help coordinate meetings and work closely with Kristin DeArruda Wharton, RN, the Cook County coordinator of the Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP).  Newell-Acero brings a background in health, wellness, and education and belief that people are healthiest and happiest when they can be active in ways that are convenient and fun. 

The 2012 Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation grant is also helping the Active Living Committee expand “Get Active! Cook County” week and host an “Active Living Summit.”  This year, “Get Active” week will be expanded to become “Move It In May,” with a whole month’s worth of opportunities for fun and activity.  Additionally, this autumn will bring the “Active Living Summit,” with the goal of educating elected officials, business leaders and community leaders on the concept of Active Living, explaining how Active Living policy can enhance health, community, and economic development, and undertaking a synthesis-creating finale that will help identify concrete next steps toward a community Active Living vision of “More People, More Active, More Often!”

The Active Living Steering Committee monthly meetings are open to the public.  For more information,  contact Hartley Newell-Acero at (218) 370-2450 or, or Kristin Wharton at, 387-2330 ext 150.