After log rolling, watch the Cook County ATV Club Coin Dive -- a fun event with a safety message

Kids 11 years old and under are invited to take part in the Cook County ATV Club Coin Dive from 6 – 6:30 p.m. in the log rolling tank at Fisherman’s Picnic Lumber Camp. ATV Club secretary Rhonda Silence said, “Kids, bring your goggles, bring your fins, bring whatever you want, but come splash for coins in the big log rolling tank!”
The Coin Dive is part of the ATV Club’s outreach for ATV safety. Before the dive, there is a brief discussion of ATV safety and the importance of ATV youth safety education, correct safety gear and having the right size machine for kids.
“Sometimes parents think of ATVs as toys and they are not,” said Silence. “They are powerful machines and it takes education and practice to ride them. Children should never ride a machine that does not ‘fit’ properly.’”
Silence added that the ATV Club wants to see every child take the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources ATV Safety training. “Even if your family does not have an ATV does not mean your child will never ride one. There are over 260,000 ATVs registered in the state of Minnesota. Your child could visit a friend and go for a ride. They should be prepared and know the safety rules!”