Another chance to dye Dennis pink for Mush for a Cure

For those who were disappointed that U.S. Forest Service 
Gunflint Ranger Dennis Neitzke did not reach the Mush for a Cure 
“Color Me Pink” goal of  $5,000—there is another opportunity!  If half 
the goal is reached by March 5, Neitzke will still dye his silver 
locks pink (for half the time).
On March 10, Neitzke and his “opponent” Don Kufahl will have their 
heads shaved bald in The Bald, The Bold and The Beautiful event. If 
enough money is raised one or both of the “victims” will have their 
head shaved in front of a crowd at Windigo Lodge.
Kufahl has bravely stepped forward to put his head on the line in 
place of his boss, Bruce Kerfoot, who is out of town. Kufahl, the food 
and beverage manager at Gunflint Lodge has stepped in. This brave 
Gunflint Trail volunteer fireman will see his hair shorn if enough 
people donate to the cause. You can donate to get Kufahl’s head shaved 
by visiting
But first, consider a donation to help the Mush for a Cure folks meet 
the goal to dye Dennis Neitzke’s hair pink. They have the dye all 
ready to go, so log on and give now!

All the craziness is for an extremely good cause. All proceeds go to 
the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
And it’s an uproarious good time—head up the Trail this weekend and 
check out the pink fun!

See and print the schedule on-line at

Visit for the latest information on this great 
community event.