Arrowhead Animal Rescue offers opportunity to care for pets

Are you living alone?  Do you sometimes wish you had a furry 
little companion but don’t have the money in your budget for 
veterinary care or don’t know what you would do with a pet when you 
were out of town?  Never fear, a wonderful idea from Arrowhead Animal 
Rescue is here!
Arrowhead Animal Rescue is now offering Cook County seniors the 
opportunity to provide cats (and a few dogs) a little tender loving 
care without some of the worries that come along with pet ownership.
“We get cats in that are shy, and they need a patient, quiet, and 
caring home,” according to the organization’s newsletter.  “We supply 
all the food, litter, toys, bedding, and all vet care.  All you need 
to do is open your home and heart to these cats.”
If a foster care provider needs to be away from home, Arrowhead Animal
Rescue will find sitters for the pet as well.
“If it’s a gray day and someone is alone,” said Arrowhead Animal 
Rescue board member Barb Dvorak, “having an animal around will boost 
their spirits.”
For more information on fostering a pet, contact Arrowhead Animal 
Rescue President Gay O’Donnell at (218) 387-1781.