Artist reception for Plein Air exhibit at Johnson Heritage Post March 10

A plein air Lake Superior (PALS) exhibit will be featured at the Johnson Heritage Post March 10 through April 30.
The artists paint en plein air (outdoors) whenever possible. As with the Impressionists, who often worked with fellow artists outdoors, the artists find that working outdoors wakes up the senses.
The sounds of the area, the feel of the light, and the weather conditions become part of the creative process. Painting outdoors increases the ability of an artist to be aware of the subtle changes in light and color. Working outdoors requires each artist to adapt to each situation quickly.
The three have painted outdoors in a blizzard, under pavilions in cold rain, in foggy conditions near Lake Superior, and under brilliant sunlight and as the sunsets into the darkness. 

 The artists, known as PALS, are Michelle Wegler, Lisa Stauffer and Cheryl LeClair-Sommer.

An artists' reception will be held Saturday, March 10 from 5 - 7 p.m.