Bear shot out of season in Grand Marais

Every spring, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Conservation 
Officers receive calls reporting “nuisance bears.” Bears are 
attracted to garbage left outside, to low hanging bird feeders or to 
barbecue grills with food remnants.  Sometimes homeowners take matters 
into their own hands and shoot the offending bear—something that 
occurred last week, according to DNR Conservation Officer Mary Manning.

CO Manning said she received a call of a bear found dead on a trail 
just off of County Road 6 in Grand Marais. Investigation revealed it 
had been shot, but Manning said it was not clear if it was shot in the 
vicinity or had been shot farther away and dumped at the site.

No matter where or why it was shot, Manning said it was illegal. She said 
neither she or the other conservation officers in Cook County had been 
contacted about the shooting of a nuisance bear. Manning asks anyone 
that may have information about a bear being shot out of season to 
contact her at (218) 475-0121.