Community Center design must be downsized

On Friday, July 13, the Cook County Community Center Steering 
Committee got down to what may be the most difficult part of the 
community center planning—determining what goes and what stays in the 
community center proposal to remain within the $9.5 million budgeted 
by the county board.
Wade Cole of ORB Management presented estimates for the latest 
configuration and shared the news that the plans as presented were 8.1
percent over the $9.5 million budgeted.
Cole pointed out that the most expensive part of the project was the 
swimming pool and asked if the steering committee would be willing to 
reduce the surface area of the pool, which in turn would allow the 
architect to bring in the size of the building.
If that was done, Cole said, the facility would be closer to the 
proposed budget. Reducing the size of the aquatics area would bring 
the budget overage to approximately 4.5 percent.
Cole said, “It’s not uncommon to be over at this point.”
Architect Dan Miller of JLG Architects said with the 4.5 percent 
overage, the plan would be “close enough.” He said, “With these 
numbers we know what we can build—we just need to figure out how we 
can build it.”
The steering committee agreed to alter the schematic design to reduce 
the size of the swimming pool from 3,550 to 2,734 square feet, 
however, Steering Committee Member/County Commissioner Sue Hakes said 
she wanted the public to know that the pool would still have four 
swimming lanes, plus a zero-depth entry/recreation area and a sauna 
and whirlpool area that seats at least 12 people. A motion was passed 
to that effect, to assure the public that it would see a larger, 
enhanced aquatics area in a new facility.
Other ways to reduce the cost of the existing design were discussed, 
such as changing the plan for a round roof to a sloped roof, reducing 
the number and size of glazed windows above the pool, reducing the 
size of the entryway canopy, office space and more.
After much discussion, the steering committee passed a motion 
authorizing Meyer Group and JLG Architects to move ahead with a final 
schematic design—with the understanding that changes needed to be made 
to reach the budget target.
The design team will return with revised designs for the next steering 
committee meeting on Friday, June 20 at the Mianowski Conference Room 
at 8:30 a.m.