Cook County Steering Committee and architect fine tune aquatics area details

The Cook County Community Center Steering Committee met with 
its architect and representatives of ORB Management once again on 
Friday, August 24 to fine tune details before seeking bids on the 
project that was estimated at $6,166,710 at the end of July.
There was considerable discussion regarding the proposed aquatics 
center and some debate over the depth of the pool and the amenities 
that could be included.
At previous steering committee meetings, the group talked about the 
feasibility of having a diving board, something removed from the Grand 
Marais Municipal Pool at the end of 2008, and a water slide. Wade Cole 
of ORB and Architect Dan Miller of JLG Architects shared ideas on how 
to get the most out of the aquatics area.
Miller reported that the geotechnical information from soil borings in 
the proposed aquatics area had been received. He said the soil borings 
show ledge rock at 8-foot depths in the tentative mechanical area at 
the back of the pool area and at the back end of the pool itself. He 
said the soil boring at the front end, west corner of the pool showed 
ledge rock at 12 feet. To have a diving board, a depth of 12 feet 6 
inches is needed.
Steering Committee Member and County Commissioner Sue Hakes urged her 
fellow committee members to do what it takes to get enough depth for a 
diving board. “God forbid we want that five or 10 years from now and 
they say, ‘we can’t because these idiots didn’t make it deep enough,’” 
she said.
The committee also discussed different types of water slides and 
Steering Committee Member Jan Sivertson, a newly appointed 
representative from the Grand Marais City Council, said she felt the 
slide is important as a tourism draw. Commissioner Fritz Sobanja, also on the steering committee agreed. He 
said, “When I was on the park board through the years, this is what 
people asked for.”
After considerable discussion, a motion passed to have the architect 
expand the perimeter of the pool and building to make the aquatics 
area large enough to incorporate a diving board and a slide, knowing 
it could be changed later. The motion passed by the nine steering 
committee members present on a vote of five to four.