County approves two interim use permits for living in RVs

The Cook County Board of Commissioners recently approved two two-year interim use permits (IUPs) allowing recreational vehicles (RVs) to be used as living quarters.  Both followed temporary RV permits that had expired.

In a report on an October 9 hearing at which the Planning Commission approved the requests, Planning & Zoning Administrator Bill Lane wrote, “Extending the use of an RV has been the most frequent application of the interim use permit.  Invariably, its need arises because of delays in build-out plans and invariably, economics are deemed the reason for those delays.  Regardless of permitting, the focus of the OPZ [Office of Planning & Zoning] for the continuing use of RVs on properties will be directed toward encouraging the construction of a permanent residence and conformity with Minnesota Rule 7080 and Cook County septic requirements.”

Commissioner Sue Hakes said she did not like IUPs being renewed because they are supposed to be temporary.  “I’m really uncomfortable with us moving forward on all these permits without a plan,” she said.

Longer-term use would require a conditional use permit (CUP), Director Tim Nelson said, but CUPs do not have ending dates.  He pointed out that the IUPs result in frequent and repeated reviews.