County Highway Department conducts sale of surplus equipment

The Cook County commissioners have authorized the Highway Department to sell 14 pieces of equipment, including three pickups, three plow trucks, a loader, a forklift, and some pickup tool boxes.  Maintenance Supervisor Klegstad said he thought they could get $150,000-160,000 for it, and the money would be used to purchase equipment in the future.
The equipment will be put out for bid on the state’s Fleet & Surplus Services website.  Highway Accountant Lisa Sorlie said they have the right to refuse a sale if the bid isn’t high enough. 
Klegstad said they have a minimum price set for a 2009 plow truck.  He said they expect to get $70,000 for it, whereas they expect only $20,000-27,000 for the 2000 and 2003 plow trucks.  When asked why there were getting rid of such a new vehicle, he said it gets 1 m.p.g. when plowing, whereas the other plows get 5-6 m.p.g.  Repairs on the truck have already totaled what they paid for the truck, he said.  “It’s a very nice truck,” he said, however.  He said it is much more modern than the others.  It has been used as a spare, but Klegstad said it would be more valuable if they sold it.