Deer hunters association wants wolf sighting information

With the recent delisting of wolves from the Endangered 
Species Act, and the return of the wolf to state management, a new 
interest has spawned asking, “To what degree have wolves expanded 
within Minnesota?”
Currently, DNR is proposing a wolf population survey to run from fall 
2012 through early spring 2013. Minnesota Deer Hunters Association’s 
(MDHA) members are expressing great interest as well. So, MDHA devised
a “Report Zone B Wolf sightings” web survey page to encourage MDHA 
members and nonmembers to report their documented wolf sightings 
across the approximately 70 percent of Minnesota that is considered 
“Zone B” or non-wolf range.
Reporting Zone “B” wolf sightings will require that you provide 
photo documentation as well as geographic information (township/range/
section or GPS coordinates) and your contact information.
According to MDHA Executive Director Mark Johnson, “Wolf presence 
throughout Zone A is well known, but their expansion into Zone B is 
not. MDHA’s objective is to collect documented and verifiable wolf 
sighting information in wolf Zone B and to provide this data to DNR 
for consideration toward the 2012-13 Minnesota wolf survey. DNR has 
the duty of managing Minnesota’s wolves. Good management needs good 
information. Our hope is that this wolf reporting opportunity will 
provide DNR with valuable usable information.”
To participate in MDHA’s Zone B wolf sighting survey, keep your 
camera or camera phone handy for that rare moment when you may see a 
wolf. Better yet, MDHA recommends that you use digital trail cameras 
set out with bait or scent attractant in an area you believe wolves 
To submit your sighting go to MDHA’s website ( 
and click on the wolf link on the right side of the page.