Early deadline for Dragon Boat Festival signup nears

Looking out across the icy-white Grand Marais harbor while the thermometer can't seem to rise much above zero, it's hard to imagine that summer will arrive.

But now's the time to start thinking about the annual Dragon Boat Festival, July 25-27 in the calming waters of Lake Superior. Now is a great time to e-mail or call your teammates and get your registration in or start thinking about creating a team. Why? Because the early registration deadline is March 15, and early registrants can save $200!

It's easy to become involved. Just sign up for one of the expanded family paddle times (anyone who can use a paddle, from 8 to 80, is welcome). After some basics and a tour around the harbor, you'll be ready to enter the new “Dragon Dash,” a short course for paddlers who want to get their feet wet (literally!) in the sport.  

Watch for details on the festival website (northshoredragonboat.com) and Facebook page.