"Entry Points to the Creative" art exhibit seeking entries for "Mapping Mystery" theme

Many people have reflected on the interplay between creativity and spirituality.  Artists speak of their ‘making’ as central to their spiritual quest.  And many who visit an art gallery find themselves moved in ways that defy understanding. 

After a few years of collaborating with the Grand Marais Art Colony on a spring themed exhibit, Spirit of the Wilderness Episcopal Church will continue to host an annual show exploring this overlap between the artistic and the divine.  The annual show will be Entry Points to the Creative. 

The theme for Entry Points to the Creative 2014 is Mapping Mystery, at the Johnson Heritage Post March 28 through April 13 at the Johnson Heritage Post.

Well marked paths and good compass readings can be a matter of life and death in the North Woods.  Yet the unexpected—storms, lost maps—change who we are, in our wilderness ventures and our inward journeys.  How does your creative process parallel your exploration toward the transcendent?  In what uncharted territory have you found yourself?

The committee planning the show—Lee Stewart, Karl Hansen, Bonnie Gay Hedstrom, and Mary Ellen Ashcroft—hope that the theme will engage artists who have different relationships with their faith traditions—within, without, and on the edge. 

Look out for a “Call to Artists” in mid-December.  Please phone any of the committee with questions.  Or contact them at spiritwilderness@boreal.org.