Good Skiing on the Upper Gunflint Trail System

Last Grooming Date: 
Date Skied: 
Area Skied: 
Big Pine Loop
Base Depth: 
Mostly 4 - 5 (Up to 10) Inches

The Upper Gunflint Ski Trails are freshly groomed and ready to ski.  The 2.5 inches of snow on Tuesday brought us up to 64.6 inches for the year, with a firm base of 4 - 5 inches in most places.  We do have some icy patches, but it is not bad for this time of year.  Overall, our trails are in great condition!

We require an Upper Gunflint Trail Ski Pass to use our trails.  Fees from these passes pay for the land leases, and grooming expenses.  Please stop by Gunflint Lodge (218-388-2294), Gunflint Pines (218-388-4454), or Heston's Lodge (218-388-2243) to purchase passes, and pick up maps.  All three resorts are on the South Gunflint Lake road.