Grand Marais Masons close, rummage sale Friday, July 13

It was the end of an era on June 7, 2012, when Masonic Lodge 
No. 322 of Grand Marais gathered at the Grand Marais Masonic Hall one 
last time to affirm its merger with Taconite Lodge No. 342 in Silver 
Bay. Taconite Lodge will complete the agreement at its next stated 
Present at the final ceremony for Masonic Lodge No.  322 were Senior 
Warden Neil Hansen, Treasurer Paul Coe, Master Marland Hansen, 
Secretary Tom Westby and Junior Warden Al Barry. The Blue Lodge has 
been in Grand Marais since 1925.
Master Marland Hansen said he and several other Masons had fought to 
keep the Grand Marais Lodge open, but he said it came to the point 
where there just weren’t enough members to keep it going. He said the 
Grand Marais Masons would now travel to the Taconite Lodge in Silver 
Bay twice a month for meetings.
The Grand Marais Masonic Hall, the blue building just north of North 
Shore Hospital, is being purchased by the hospital for $95,000. Hansen
said the money from the sale of the building would go to the new 
lodge. It will be allocated to a fund managed by two Masons from Cook 
County and one from Lake County. That money will continue to be used 
for scholarships for graduates and the other good works the Masons 
have done in Cook County.
Such efforts will continue. Hansen said Masons have been involved in 
the Child Find Program, have granted scholarships to local graduates 
and have helped the Boy Scouts. Boy Scouts were derived from the 
Masons, said Hansen, adding, “Masons is still one of the finest 
organizations ever.”
To learn more about the organization and becoming a member, speak to 
any Mason.

A rummage sale will be held at the Masonic Hall on Friday, July 13 from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Dishware, utensils, chairs, and old Northshore theater chairs and more will be sold.