Grand Portage Elders attend Wisdom Steps Conference

Wisdom Steps group

Fourteen Grand Portage Elders were able to attend this year’s Wisdom Steps Convention in Morton, Minnesota at Lower Sioux’s Jack Pot Junction Casino & Event Center. We went from the top of the state to the bottom. The Elders raised money to help pay the cost of a shared coach bus with Fond du Lac attendees. This was great. Riding the bus was comfortable and helped break up the trip as we stayed at Black Bear Casino two nights. Patty was happy, as she didn’t have to drive the whole way.

There were many interesting workshop sessions that included everything from Medicare info, yoga, mental health, nutrition, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, health screenings, Grandparents raising Grandchildren and a presentation of Who is an Elder?, just to name a few.

We enjoyed visiting with friends especially Lorna and Marisa Anawaush.

Once again Ralph Tesser won the cribbage tournament winning a new hat and our own Ellen Olson created a one of a kind “Fun Hat” that won her first place for her efforts.

Eddie Hertzberg led the water aerobics class one morning showing what we do three times a week in Grand Portage.

Elders work hard throughout the year to attend this convention. They walked at least 46,000 steps, had health screenings, attended one health fair and one Medicine Talk. Any Elder 50 years and older is welcome to join. Please call Carol Hackett to enroll or for more information.



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