Grand Portage Elders preparing for Rendezvous Days Powwow

The Grand Portage Elders have been busy getting ready for Grand Portage Rendezvous Days. Elderly Nutrition Program Director Patty Winchell-Dahl said, “We have been busy with help from Bucky Caan, Bill Hackett and a church youth group from Mount Olive in Duluth painting, renovating and generally sprucing up our World Famous Fish Stand. Supplies have been ordered, raffle tickets made, bingo schedules set and work schedules committed too. Dare I say we are ahead of the game? I guess doing this for as many years as the Elders have they are pros at it.”
Stop by the ENP booth at the Grand Portage Powwow grounds for a raffle ticket. This year’s raffle prizes will be first place - a digital camera; second place - a beautiful handmade crochet doily donated by Donna Anderson and third place - a wonderful water color by Alice Powell, donated by Ellen Olson. Elders will also be selling their usual 50/50 raffle tickets.
All proceeds from the weekend are used by the Elders for their annual Christmas party, for get well and funeral flowers, for trips and outings and for the many donations the Elders give to community projects and organizations. Tickets can be purchased from an Elder, at the Grand Portage Trading Post or at the stand during Rendezvous Days.
The drawings will be Sunday, August 12 at 5:00 p.m.