Kara Pavelich painting donated to Lutsen Township

Residents of Lutsen Township will long remember Kara Pavelich for her warmth, friendliness and talent as an artist. Just 44, Kara died September 6, 2012, in a fall at her home on Deer Yard Lake last year, gone too soon, leaving behind her husband, Mark, parents, a sister and a stunned community.
While Kara’s gone, a piece of her art work will now hang in the town hall in remembrance of her.
On May 21, Jeff Latz presented the Lutsen Town Board with a print donated from the Deer Yard Association in memory of Kara.
The print was made from one of Pavelich’s paintings, depicting a moose standing in a pond. The Deer Yard Lake Association purchased the print from Kara’s husband, Mark.
“She was well liked and loved by everyone in the community,” Jeff Latz said.
“We’re thrilled to acknowledge her in this way,” said Anna Latz.
Kara’s print will be the second piece of art donated to the newly finished town hall. A quilt now hangs on the east wall. It was donated by the quilting club, said Anna Latz, and quilts will be rotated from time-to-time, said Latz.
“It would be nice if you made a bracket so that descriptions about the quilts and who made the quilts could be inserted so the public could learn about them,” said John Groth, board treasurer.
“Good idea. We’ll make sure to do that,” said Anna Latz.