Line of Sight Wireless Access (High Speed)

PLEASE NOTE!!! Because of changes in equipment availability, Boreal presently cannot set up any new Line of Sight customers. Existing customers can continue to use the service with no issues.

Boreal Access is pleased to offer a new high-speed wireless Internet option.  To utilize this service, the antenna on your site must be able to "see" the south side of the tower on the Grand Marais hill, or the south side of the Verizon tower in Lutsen. (The Grand Marais tower is the 120-ft.non-lighted tower, which is the one furthest to the east in the tower farm.)


  • higher bandwidth (256K, 512K, 1M)
  • lower latency
  • higher through-put
  • static, route-able IPs


  • Wireless Access fee for leased equipment and one hour installation labor:
    (*Plus tax - includes lightning protector)
    ...Not included: antenna, cabling, connectors, and labor over 1 hour (equipment and labor varies by location).
  • Monthly charges:

    Call or email the Boreal Access office for more information.


    • No Resale:
      • 256K - $35.95
      • 512K - $70.95
      • 1M - $105.95
    • Resale:
      • 256K - $75.95
      • 512K - $125.95
      • 1M - $225.95
        NOTE: If you're using the system to provide Internet access to your customers, whether or not your customers are paying for this service, you must pay the resale rate.


Please note: Your high-speed access replaces your dial-up access, so the above fees do not include dial-up access. If you need to be able to access the Internet via dial-up in addition to using the Line of Sight service, you will need to purchase a dial-up account (prices) in addition to your Line of Sight account. (You don't have to pay an additional membership fee to have dial-up access.)

One-year contract required.