Lutsen Fire Department to consider seeking insurance reimbursement for auto accident calls

At the Tuesday, August 21 township meeting, Firefighter Larry McNeally asked the Lutsen Town Board to consider charging for services when the Lutsen Fire Department and First Responders respond to an automobile accident. He said vehicle insurance will pay for fire and EMS services. McNeally said he had heard of reimbursements of approximately $400 per call.
Treasurer John Groth said the township had actually received calls from insurance companies, asking when they would be billed.
Supervisor Joe Buttweiler said it is an idea whose time has come, however, he said it should be researched to see what other townships are charging and what insurance companies are paying. “We should research and if we do this, we should implement it at the beginning of the year,” said Buttweiler.
Fire Chief Paul  Goettl said his department would research this and get back to the board.