Magnus Theater in Thunder Bay offers "Storm Warning"

"Storm Warning" is the latest play at Magnus Theatre in Thunder Bay, and it’s worth the trip across the border. 
The setting is two remote lakeside cabins that were previously next to two others, one that burned down due to faulty wiring and the other that slid into the lake during a rainstorm. 
Emma Currie is a feisty composer who rents a cabin in order to get some work done on deadline.  She meets the reserved caretaker, Jack Forrester, whose mysterious background piques her curiosity.
Both characters struggle with mental health problems – Currie has a propensity for popping pills to help her cope with life and Forrester is in a deep depression after his wife left him – with their child – when he was hospitalized for war-related trauma.
Their interactions are funny, poignant, and thought-provoking.  Both have distanced themselves from others but find that they might each be in need of something the other can offer.
Currie is played by Debra Hale, who masterfully played multiple characters, switching from one to the another with mere changes in posture, in"Freedom 85!," a show she wrote that played at Magnus earlier in the season.  Forrester is played by Scott Maudsley, who get so much into character that when taking his bows, his demeanor and facial expressions demonstrate that he, the actor, is a very different person from the character he has just portrayed.
The show’s creator is playwright Norm Foster, the most produced playwright in the history of Canada.
The show runs through April 20. 

More information can be found online at or by calling the box office at (807)345-5552.