Members Commercial Web Page Fees

There are two types of commercial websites you may have hosted by Boreal - sites with no domain name or sites with a domain name.  All packages include a link on the Area Guide Website page.

Commercial Web Pages with no Domain Name

Using this format the address for your web site will be:

  • Basic Web Hosting -- $14.95/month
    Up to 100 MB of web site size, includes 4 extra email boxes**

    ** - Primary email account required (see membership fees)

Commercial Web Pages with a Domain Name

A Virtual Domain Name allows the user to simply type: and go directly to your web site. You may also have email for your domain - ex. or

  • One time setup charge for Boreal configuration
    Per domain name:.....................................$20.00
  • Virtual Domain Web Hosting -- $19.95/month, includes:
    Your Domain Name
    No size limit*
    Four extra email boxes**
    One Majordomo mail list (additional lists $4.95/month)
    Virtual e-mail addresses - ex.**
    Area Guide Website link
    Daily statistical report
    email and phone support
    CGI scripts
    FTP access
    Daily back-ups
    PHP and SSI
    MySQL (contact Boreal to have a database set up for your site)
    Full range of Unix and NT/2000 web hosting services
    Secure server available - see rates below
    ColdFusion server available - see rates below

    * - While we do not have a size limit on websites, if your site generates excessive bandwidth usage we may need to charge you a higher rate to cover the extra bandwidth costs. We will negotiate with you if this becomes necessary.

    ** - Primary email account required (see membership fees). You may have as many virtual email addresses as you like, but must define the specific addresses you'd like to use (Catch-all addresses are not allowed.)

  • For those who have a registered domain name and are not serving a web page from that domain (a held site) there will be a $3.00 per month fee. This includes a redirect from the held site to the live site, and virtual email for the domain.

Network Solutions
A Domain Name Registration fee must be paid to a registrar when you register a domain name. The fees vary from registrar to registrar, and also vary depending on how many years you register your name for.  You may register your own domain name, or ask Boreal to register your domain name for you.  Boreal will register domain names with Network Solutions, under your business name and address, and will charge your account for the fees paid to Network Solutions for the registration. These charges are over and above the Boreal fees and are paid directly to Network Solutions, and average $70 for two years, $135 for five years, etc.

Please note: Your initial fee to Network Solutions can be paid through Boreal when we set your site up, however after that you are responsible for renewing your domain name registration with Network Solutions and paying the renewal fees directly to them.

All commercial web pages with domain names may have the AWStats Statistical program run for them daily. This gives valuable information on how people are finding your page as well as the number of access requests. Contact Boreal ( if you want AWStats run for your site.

Other Services
All web sites have access to cgi-scripts to run page counters, clocks, guestbooks, postcards and process mail forms. These are provided for no extra charge. Contact Jack for information.

Developers - Boreal has a special reseller program available for developers who handle multiple Boreal-hosted websites. Contact the office at 387-9471 for details.