National Park says Isle Royale wolf killed by pellet gun

The National Park Service has issued results of the necropsy performed on the Isle Royale wolf that was found dead in Grand Portage in February. Veterinarians in Colorado determined that the wolf died after being shot with a pellet gun.

National Park Service Chief Veterinarian Margaret Wild said, “If the pellet had hit just a half inch to the left or right, the outcome may have been less significant.”

Isle Royale Superintendent Phyllis Green noted that interaction between wolves and humans is rare, but can be a problem, especially if homeowner’s pets are being threatened.  If the wolf or wolves can’t be scared away, the National Park Service recommends that people contact their local Department of Natural Resources and make sure to obtain proper permits or permission in dealing with a nuisance animal before taking aggressive action.

Green said, “No matter how collared wolves die, citizens who inform local authorities of their location help us gain knowledge that may help us manage wolf/human interactions in the future.”

She added, “The citizens who let us know where this wolf died have helped us obtain the final chapter for this wolf, and we thank them.”