No Wildfires in Cook County Saturday morning; smoke from Lake County, Manitoba, Ontario

The smoke people are smelling Saturday morning is from fires in Lake County, Manitoba and Ontario.

There were no fires in Cook County, but updates from the Cook County Sheriff’s office and Gunflint Ranger Station verify that the northwesterly wind is bringing in smoke from the Lake County Perent Lake fire flare-up Friday and the large fires in Manitoba and Ontario.

Fire updates from the Gunflint Ranger Station indicate that there are a number of small fires in St. Louis County on the East side of the Superior National Forest. The West side of the forest has a two-acre Rice Lake fire and a small fire outside of Ely up the Echo trail. That fire was only tenth of an acre as of Saturday morning. The Perent Lake fire started July 3 in Lake County and is currently contained through suppression by aircraft.

The smoke was continued to dissipate on Saturday dissipate as the combination of the Lake and wind move the air particles out of the area. WTIP will provide updates if there is more information concerning the smoke and fires.

For more information on the smoke and status of the fires stay tuned to WTIP or visit or call Cook County Sheriff’s Office at 387-3030 or Gunflint Ranger District at 387-1750.