North Shore Hospital lab receives recognition

North Shore Hospital Lab Supervisor Jennifer Backstrom was 
happy to report that the hospital’s lab and her staff received zero 
citations after the College of American Pathologists (CAP) inspection 
on May 1 – 2, 2012.
Backstrom gave her report to the North Shore Hospital board on May 24.
“It is difficult for a hospital of any size to pass with no 
citations, and the laboratory staff should be commended. I hope you 
brag about them,” said Dr. Jon Steinhauer, a Duluth doctor who works 
with the lab and its staff.
CAP inspectors tour the world inspecting labs, said Backstrom. The 
inspector for the Cook County North Shore hospital had just come back 
from Tokyo, and told Backstrom that it’s rare for a lab to be found 
“”We have a real committed staff who have real high standards,” 
Backstrom said.
The hospital board commended Backstrom and her crew for their