Opening reception for "Rhythms of Darkness and Light" March 23

"Rhythms of Darkness and Light"—the third annual collaboration between the Grand Marais Art Colony and Spirit of the Wilderness Episcopal Church, opens on March 23. Sixty artists, responding to a call, have expressed the movement from light through darkness, to spring through winter, to resurrection through death.  And what a variety of expressions! Oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, beads, collage, engraving, photography, mixed media, etching, glass, ink, fiber, clay, poetry, gourd, stone, silk, encaustic, stitchery, and paper! 
Accompanying the show will be a booklet, cataloging the artwork and featuring artist’s ponderings—how their work led them in exploring a mother’s death, reflecting the light within that shines in winter, considering the soul’s response to lake and sky on a dark night, seeing branches against a sky and branches of our lives, discovering the wonder of new life.  There will also be some poems by local writers in response to the theme. 
On two evenings the show will stay open till 7 p.m., with music provided—on Tuesday, March 27 with music by Gina Macy and on Thursday, March 29 with music by Amanda Hand.  On the 29th, Spirit of the Wilderness will provide a light supper at 5 p.m., so folks can eat, look at the art, and hear music—a feast of many kinds!  For more information, contact the Art Colony at (218) 387-2737 or

"Rhythms of Darkness and Light"
Exhibit open 9 - 4 daily until April 1

Friday, March 23
6 p.m. Opening Reception and Guest Lecture

Tuesday, March 27
5:45 Music by Gina Macy
Open until 7 p.m.

Thursday, March 29
5 p.m. Light supper
5:45 Music by Amanda Hand
Open until 7 p.m.