Oshki Ogimaag raffle winners announced

Oshki Ogimaag Charter School is $3,890 better off this year 
thanks to a raffle fundraiser that culminated in the K-1 classroom on 
September 4, the first day of school.
This is the first year the school has raised money this way.  Five 
hundred fifty-eight tickets were sold over the summer, bringing in 
The first-place winner, Donna McNamara of Minneapolis, won $2,790 -- 
half of the revenue from ticket sales.  She turned around and donated 
$500 of her winnings back to the school.  “We are very appreciative!” 
said Oshki Ogimaag Director Anna Deschampe.
Deschampe also expressed appreciation to Grand Portage Lodge & Casino 
and North Shore Dairy for donating the second- and third-place 
prizes.  Tony LaRose of the Twin Cities won the second-place prize, a 
two-night stay at Hollow Rock Resort.  Marie Morrin of Grand Portage 
won third prize, a gift certificate for $200 from North Shore Dairy.
The winning tickets were drawn from the drum by the K-1 students.
In addition to ticket sales, individuals and businesses donated $1,100
toward the cause.
Director Anna Deschampe said, “Thank you to everybody who 
participated.”  She expressed gratitude to Grand Portage Lodge & 
Casino, Grand Portage Trading Post, and Joynes Ben Franklin in Grand 
Marais for selling tickets, to those who sold tickets at community 
events throughout the summer, and to everyone who bought a ticket.
Deschampe hopes that the raffle will become a regular fundraiser for 
the school.  Up to 2,000 tickets were available this year, for a 
potential grand prize of $10,000.