Rumble fill work to continue on Hwy 61

DULUTH, Minn. — The Minnesota Department of Transportation will resume work filling in centerline rumble strips on Highway 61 in Cook and Lake County in July.

MnDOT began filling some of the centerline rumble strips last fall after hearing from numerous local residents who complained that the rumble strips created too much noise.

MnDOT will fill in all of the centerline rumble strips in Cook County except those located north of Grand Portage where there aren’t any adjacent homes. MnDOT will also fill in all of the centerline rumble strips in Lake County.

“Housing density along the North Shore is much different than on most rural highways,” said Jim Miles, MnDOT District 1 acting traffic engineer. “To passing motorists it looks as if there aren’t many homes along the highway. In reality, the housing density is comparable to suburban neighborhoods. Considering this, and the mix of tourist and local traffic, which leads to increased passing and driving over the centerline rumble strips, we decided to fill them in.”

MnDOT is reviewing its centerline rumble strip policy, including criteria on where centerline rumble strips should or should not be installed and is researching the effectiveness of other rumble strip designs that have less of a noise impact.