Schroeder seeks tourism support

The Cross River Heritage Center operated by the Schroeder 
Area Historical Society doesn’t just connect visitors to the past.  
Next to a major North Shore waterfall (Cross River), a Highway 61 
wayside rest, a bakeshop, and a post office in the first organized 
township east of the county line, hosts at the Heritage Center connect 
visitors to amenities and events throughout Cook County.  According to 
Vice President Linda Lamb, Schroeder “really is the gateway to Cook 
Lamb spoke to the Schroeder Town Board on February 14, 2012, asking 
them to request that Schroeder keep the small percentage of 
Schroeder’s lodging tax it is entitled to keep for tourism-related 
endeavors to help pay the gift shop salesperson’s salary.
Right now, most of the amount collected goes to the Cook County 
Visitors’ Bureau (CCVB), but the word “Schroeder” isn’t very prevalent 
in CCVB’s promotional materials.  “You wouldn’t really know that 
Schroeder was there,” Lamb said.
“If you’re on their website,” Lamb told the Cook County News-Herald in 
a separate interview, “it’s several clicks until you see the name 
‘Schroeder.’”  Schroeder’s contribution to the CCVB is included in the 
Lutsen-Tofte Tourism Association’s portion of the CCVB budget.  Lamb 
said she has been told, “Schroeder represents too much verbiage in the 
“At one time,” Lamb said, “the only object of interest named in their 
materials was the post office.  It is just strange that Schroeder is 
not included. …It’s peculiar.”
“Schroeder is poorly represented in the Cook County Visitors’ Bureau,” 
Lamb said to the board.  She was not trying to stir up controversy, 
however.  She was trying to get help continue the service the Heritage 
Center is already providing to the community.  She told the News-
Herald, “We try to keep a working relationship with the tourism 
association.  We do need them.  We really do depend on them.”
The Cross River Heritage Center has a rack with brochures advertising 
the entire county.  “It’s a natural stopping place for people entering 
the county and leaving the county,” Lamb said.  She estimated that 
about half of gift shop salesperson Darrell Fisher’s time is spent 
helping tourists.  “Darrell does such a good job promoting,” she 
said.  “He really does go out of his way to help people.”
Schroeder has numerous amenities, including numerous businesses, the 
Gitchi-Gami Bike Trail, Father Baraga’s Cross, Sugarloaf Landing, 
Temperance River, Taconite Harbor boat launch, and roads that lead 
into the woods.  Lamb said that if the CCVB wanted to expand its 
presence, she thought the Heritage Center, with a handicap rest room 
and parking area, would be a great place to do it.
County Commissioner Bruce Martinson told Lamb and the board that 
County Auditor-Treasurer Braidy Powers could facilitate Schroeder 
receiving the portion it is entitled to.  Tofte has already been doing 
According to Auditor-Treasurer Powers, a township must create a 
tourism bureau to keep the money themselves.  The county takes a small 
percentage of the lodging tax for administration and bond payments for 
Superior National at Lutsen golf course.