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Boreal Community Media is a local non-profit dedicated to creating and supporting community in Cook County.

The Boreal Community Media website is supported by community members and businesses like you!

With over a million visitors to the site last year and growing, sponsors of boreal.org reach a larger targeted local audience than any other website in the area.

By sponsoring the boreal.org website, your business will demonstrate its support for a valuable community-building resource. Along with newspaper and radio, Boreal Community Media serves as the third leg of the vital and vibrant community information eco-system that exists in and around Cook County.

Comments shared by recent survey responders show the type of audience your sponsorship will reach and how much they value this site:  

“The site is critical to creation of a sense of community and identity, provides crucial information in a timely way and provides information that we would not otherwise get easily.“

“Boreal is part of our community fabric, it connects us to all that the Cook County area offers.”

“People come here to live and cannot believe what a valuable resource this is!”

“It's my first go-to place every day.”

“This grass roots project has been a huge success for this community.  During times of crisis it has really helped to keep us in the loop.”

“Boreal Access is an amazing resource for connecting and actually creating "community".

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For more information on sponsorship opportunities contact Lisa Luttinen at 218-387-9471 or email us at lisal@boreal.org


Sponsorship Guidelines

Boreal Community Media accepts sponsorship at their sole discretion, and reserves the right to refuse sponsorship from any entity that we believe is incompatible with our mission or not of interest to our members and readers. The presence of a sponsorship on our site does not imply endorsement of the company or content.