Is there a limit on the size of my email mailbox?

Boreal doesn't have a specific limit on the size of your mailbox, but in order to keep the mailboxes from getting too large, we do limit the age of the mail in your mailbox. What this means is that we won't reject mail because your mailbox is full - your mailbox can't get full. However, we will delete messages from your mailbox if they're over 90 days old. For most people, THIS WILL NOT AFFECT YOU. You will only be affected by this if:

  • You are using the Boreal Web Mailer, and haven't moved your old messages out of your Inbox. To preserve your old messages, you can move them to the Saved folder:
    • Click the box to the right of your message to check it
    • Select "Saved" from the drop-down box at the upper right side of your screen
    • Click the "Move/Del" button next to the drop-down box
    • Click OK on the message box that pops up

    To view messages after you've moved them, select "Saved" from the drop-down box at the very top left of your screen.

  • You haven't downloaded your Boreal email for over 3 months. In this case, your old messages will be lost.