Tofte Township continues planning for senior housing project

The Tofte Town Board has been quite busy with its pursuit of housing 
for senior citizens recently. Steve Greisert, of Community Partners 
Research, Inc. (CPR) came before the Tofte town board on Thursday, 
August 9 with results of an analysis for rental housing demand for 
seniors in the Tofte area. He presented lots of interesting community 
Also on August 9, the Tofte board agreed to hire Dick Grabko of 
Community Fundraising Solutions (CFS) to write grants to find funding 
for infrastructure costs for the senior housing project. Those costs 
are expected to run around $350,000 and pay for the road, electric, 
phone, water and sewer to be installed.
And then the board and citizens gathered at the Tofte Town hall on 
Tuesday, August 21 to hear about the proposed senior housing project 
adjacent to the Birch Grove Community Center in Tofte.
Project Architect Jody Anderson of DSGW, an architectural firm in 
Duluth, presented preliminary drawings of where the cottages and road 
might be located.
Anderson said the buildings would sit on the ridgeline and have views 
of Lake Superior. They would be 50 to 100 feet apart, but staggered so
“people won’t look out of their windows into their neighbor’s house,” 
she said.
The preliminary plan for the proposed houses would be about 1,000 square feet and have a one-
car attached garage.
More meetings will be scheduled in the near future to get input from 
potential renters on just what they need and want, said Township 
Supervisor Paul James.
“Things are changing daily,” James said, adding, “There’s a lot of 
work to do but so far everything is moving in the right direction.”