Township elections to be held Tuesday

On Tuesday, March 13 West End citizens will head to the polls and vote 
for the person they want representing them. Polls for all three 
townships open at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, March 13. Polls close at 8 p.m. 
and each township holds its annual meeting at that time.

The township of Lutsen has a full ballot as well as a write-in 
candidate. Two people filed to run as town clerk—Silviyia Duclos and 
Gail Thompson will be on the ballot.
Two people also filed to run for township supervisor—Alta McQuatters 
and Ginny Storlie, so their names are on the official ballot. 
Announcing on February 18 that he intended to run as a write-in 
candidate was Larry McNeally.
The Lutsen polls are at the Lutsen Town Hall/Firehall at 116 Caribou 
Trail. The town meeting is also held there.

Candidates on the Tofte ballot are running unopposed. Running for re-
election in Tofte is Paul James as supervisor and Barb Gervais as clerk.
Tofte elections are not held at the town hall building. The polls will 
be open at the Birch Grove Community Center at 7 Good Neighbor Hill 
Drive in Tofte. The annual meeting will also be at the community 
center when the polls close.

In January, the township of Schroeder has no names on the ballot, but fortunately 
two write-in candidates have come forward. Running for supervisor is 
Deb Johnson and running for clerk is Doug Schwecke.
Schroeder elections and the annual meeting will be held at the 
Schroeder Town Hall at 124 Cramer Road in Schroeder.