Two more chances to see "The Beaux's Strategem"

The laughter started in rehearsals for the Grand Marais Playhouse’s latest production “The Beaux's" Stratagem” and has continued at every show. The period comedy by George Farquhar, adapted by Thorton Wilder and Ken Ludwig continues this weekend.
The story is about two young men who go gallivanting around the 
countryside, one playing the master, the other the servant, then 
switching roles in the next town, all in hopes of meeting women and 
using their money to continue their escapades. But the plan doesn’t 
quite work out when they both fall in love. Of course, there are 
obstacles to overcome to be together with their loves and the audience 
will laugh until they cry watching the antics of the young men and 
women and the oddball characters that surround them.
The cast includes Jackson Nickolay and David Warren as the two  gentlemen; Sarah Warren and Sarah O’Phelan as the young women. The 
other players are Will Brandenburg, Kim Carlsted-Gillis, Jeff Fenwick, 
Katrina Axtell, Jordyn Kirk, Mike DeBevec, Maria Nickolay, Aaron 
Carlson, Tina Krauz, and Yvonne Block.

The play takes place in 1707 with fantastic costumes orchestrated by 
Sharon Eliasen and Emma Bradley.
The final shows are Saturday, Aug. 4 – 8 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, Aug. 8 at 3 p.m. Tickets are $17 
adults and $7 students.
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