Wind energy presentation at Community Center Friday

The public is invited to a presentation on wind energy at 5:30 p.m. March 23 at the Cook County Community Center.
Minnesota Wind Technology Corporation will present all the latest on its newest technology, with a special focus on wind energy turbines for houses as a secondary source, and incentives offered by the state for conversion. These incentives include a sales tax exemption (wind-energy conversion systems used as electric power sources as well as materials used to manufacture, install, construct, repair or replace wind energy systems are exempt from Minnesota state sales tax); property tax exemption (Minnesota excludes the value added by all real and personal property of wind energy systems); and federal incentives provided for in the 2008 Energy Improvement and Extension Act (30 percent tax credit).
The unique vertical axis wind turbines are available in a variety of output capacities, and the tallest stands just over 18 feet. Minnesota’s environment is rated ninth in the United States for current wind energy output, with a total wind energy potential of 657 billion kwh per year.
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