Zoar Lutheran offers worship at Father Baraga Cross

Summer solstice signals to us that our summer has begun and we can look forward to sunny days and warmer temperatures.  All of these climate changes excite the members of Zoar Lutheran Church.  We are looking forward to our worship on the rocks on Sunday mornings at 8 a.m. 
This year we have the benefit of the Father Baraga Cross improvements.  The walkway to the cross has been made wider, and now one does not have to navigate over and around tree roots and limbs to arrive to our rock service.  The worship area is now more handicap accessible.  While we sing songs and hear Pastor Deborah Lunde’s message, we can watch the sun sparkle on water of Lake Superior, hear the waves lap to the shore, and giggle as an occasional gull decides to join us.
Those who participate arrive in their outdoor clothes from hiking shorts, to jeans, and many don hooded sweatshirts.  Campers and cabin dwellers say this worship time is a fixture of their Lake Superior vacation experience each year.  The atmosphere is casual and relaxed.  This service causes one to recall what it may have been like when Jesus taught along the lakeshores, so many years in the past.  
The Zoar Church lake service will be conducted every Sunday, July 8 until Sept. 2, weather permitting.  Bring your own chair or cushion and join us.  Coffee will be provided to all participants.