Normally, your email will be automatically set up when you run Boreal's installation CD. However, if you need to set it up manually, here's how you do it.  Please substitute your username (everything before in your email address) wherever the instructions say username or login-name:

(NOTE: Once your email is set up, the easiest way to check it is to send a message to yourself. Wait a few seconds and then check your mail. If you have configured everything correctly the message will come right back to you.)

  • First, start the Eudora program. If the "Welcome to Eudora!" wizard starts:
    • Click Next. Click "Create a brand-new email account" and click Next.
    • Type in your name as you'd like it to appear on email messages you send. Click Next.
    • Type in your email address.
    • Type in your user name. This is everything before the in your email address. Click Next.
    • Type in the [Incoming Server] field. Make sure POP is selected below this and click Next.
    • Type in the [Outgoing Server] field. Click Next.
    • Click Finish. You're done!

  • If the wizard doesn't start:
    • Click [Tools], [Options] and on left side of the screen click [Getting Started] and supply the following information:
      Real Name: (Your Name goes here)
      Return Address:
      Mail Server (Incoming):
      Login Name: username
      SMTP Server (Outgoing):

    • Now on the left side of the screen click [Checking Mail].  Make sure that the [Send on Check] box is not checked. This keeps Eudora from sending your queued mail whenever it checks for new mail - having this checked could result in mail you weren't ready to send going out anyway!

    • Next on the left side of the screen click [Incoming Mail] and make sure that the [Leave Mail on Server] box is unchecked.
    • Click the OK button at the bottom of the page....All Done!