Fifth Grade Class Report - Warblers and More

Caribou Trail to Jonvick Creek
My fifth grade class and I hiked on the Superior Hiking Trail today from
the Caribou Trail to Jonvick Creek. We started the morning looking at a
loon on a nest. Although the woods were very quiet to start, we later had a
nice warbler wave, and more birds throughout the day. The kids heard or saw:

black-throated green
black and white
yellow rumped
possible parula
white throated sparrow
song sparrow
swamp sparrow
ruffed grouse
wood peewee
redbreasted nuthatch
and an unidentified hawk flying through the fog who obviously had his
talons full of something good to eat

I think this puts our class list for the year at over 100 now...and we
still the rest of May and into June!

Ann Russ