How do I place a Classified Ad?

  1. Make sure you're logged into the Boreal website.
  2. Click the Classified Ads link on the Boreal home page, and on the page that comes up, click where it says "To add postings, click here", OR
  3. (alternate method) click the Create Content link on the home page, and click Classified Ad on the page that comes up
  4. This will bring you to an online form.  Simply fill out this form and click the Save button at the bottom to place the ad.  Most of the fields on the form are pretty self-explanatory, but there are a couple that aren't so obvious:

    • Photo - use this field to attach a photo to your ad.  To attach a photo, click the Browse button next to this field, and in the window that appears, browse to where the photo is stored on your computer.  Double-click the photo file and you'll be returned to the screen, and your file name will be filled in the Photo field.
    • Remove ad after - by default your ad will be displayed on our website for 30 days.  If it won't apply after a certain date (for example, if you're advertising an event being held next week), you should remove the ad after that date.  Use this field to give the system the date the ad should be automatically removed.
  5. Please make sure all postings follow the rules.