I'm trying to download my email, and it hangs up on one message.

  • If your email seems to stop downloading when you get to a certain message - for example, it gets to message 7 of 12 and then stops - what's probably happened is that someone sent you an very large message that's taking a long time to download. This can happen if, for example, someone sent you a lot of pictures.

    If this happens, you have a couple options:

    • Wait - If the message isn't extremely large, you may be able to wait it out.
    • Delete the offending message - You can go into Boreal's web mailer to scan through the messages waiting for you, and delete the large one so the rest of your mail can get through. To do this:
      • First you need to make sure you're not still trying to get your email. If you're trying to download it to your email software, you won't be able to access it through the web mailer. Disconnect from the Internet and wait about 10 minutes for the server to recognize that you're no longer trying to get your email. Then dial back in.
      • Next, click here to go to the web mailer. Type in your login name (without @boreal.org) and password, and click Login.
      • This will take you to a screen where you'll see all your messages listed. To the right of each message is its size. Most sizes will end in KB - if you see one that ends in MB that's the culprit. Often it will be the first message not listed in bold print.
      • Once you've found the large message(s), you can click on the subject line to see what the message is. To delete this message:
        • Click on the box to the right of the message in the list of messages. This will put a check in that box.
        • At the top of the screen, click on the arrow next to Trash or Saved and select -DELETE- from the list that appears.
        • Then click the "Move/Delete" button. Click OK. The large message will be permanently deleted.
      • Click the Logout button to exit the web mailer. Now you should be able to get the rest of your messages the same way you normally do.