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Banadad Trail Association trail cleanup scheduled for October 25

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 1:31pm

The Bandadad Trail Association invites you to help get the Banadad Ski Trail ready for winter by helping with clearing and trimming low-hanging tree branches starting at the Banadad’s eastern trailhead on Saturday, Oct. 25.

According to several Trail Association members who hiked the first mile of the Banadad from the eastern trailhead, they came across nine large downed trees blocking the trail including a 10- to 12-inch aspen in a clump with several other trees it brought down; on either side of this clump of trees were two more large downed aspen. This section of the Banadad is within the BWCA where all maintenance must be done using hand tools.

“If what we experienced on the eastern end of the trail holds for the rest of the Banadad,” stated Ted Young, maintenance administrator, “we have got a real job ahead of us. Please join us; we really need your help!”

Volunteers meet for the Trail Work Day at 9 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 26 at Poplar Creek Guesthouse B&B, 11 Poplar Creek Drive (just off the Lima Grade) Gunflint Trail. Hand tools and lunches will be provided to all volunteers. Wear sturdy clothing and boots. 

After the work session volunteers and friends of the Banadad are invited to return to Heston’s Lodge, 579 S. Gunflint Road for the Banadad Trail Association’s fifth annual meeting followed by a pizza dinner cooked in Heston’s wood fired-outdoor oven and social hour. Festivities at Heston’s begin at 6 p.m.; RSVP at 218-388-2243.

For more information on the Trail Work Day and/or the Banadad Trail Association’s annual meeting and dinner, call 218-388-4487.


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Voyageur Brewing Company opening in early 2015

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 11:47am

Grand Marais will soon have a source for local craft beer and a taproom where both seasonal and "flagship" beers can be enjoyed. One of the owners of the new brewery, Mike Prom, recently spoke with WTIP's Martha Marnocha about the new brewery.

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Take a survey on the beautiful Gunflint Trail Scenic Byway

Sun, 10/19/2014 - 8:42pm


The Gunflint Trail has always been a beloved route, leading to favorite lakes, cabins and camping spots. Since June 1999, the Gunflint Trail has been a Minnesota Scenic Byway and on October 16, 2009 the road was designated a National Scenic Byway. An active committee oversees the byway, working to preserve and enhance the beauty of the drive. That group is now updating the Gunflint Trail Corridor Management Plan and would like feedback from the public.

The Gunflint Trail Scenic Byway Committee invites you to take a survey to help identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement along the Trail. Spokesperson Suzanne Weber said, “Your comments are valued and will be considered as future goals are set.”

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey by Thursday, October 23, 2014. The survey can be found online at:"


Write-in candidates for county offices must file request to have votes counted

Sat, 10/18/2014 - 10:34pm

It is far too late for a citizen to have his or her name printed on the 2014 General Election ballot. However, an individual may still run as a write-in candidate, as Chris Goettl and Jeff Kern are for the School District 166 school board.

However, for county offices there is an additional step.

Since 2008, election officials have not required to separate and count the ballots with handwritten candidate entries for county, state and federal offices. So, according to County Auditor Braidy Powers, all votes cast for write-ins will be tallied and recorded as one—unless a write-in candidate fills out a Written Request by Write-In Candidates for County Office form.

If an individual wants the votes cast in his or her name tallied, he or she must complete the form and submit it to the county auditor’s office on before October 28, 2014.

This rule applies only to candidates for county, state and federal offices. It does not apply to write-in candidates for the city, school board, or hospital board.


American Legion Auxiliary sponsors clothing drive for homeless veterans

Sat, 10/18/2014 - 10:26pm

The mission of the American Legion Auxiliary is to serve our nation’s veterans and the members of American Legion Post 413 have been troubled by the number of homeless veterans in the United States. They decided to do something to make a difference for homeless veterans in MN and Wisconsin. From now until just after Veterans Day, November 15, the Legion Auxiliary is conducting a clothing drive.

The Legion Auxiliary is teaming up with Help-A-Vet, a Minneapolis group formed to deal with the growing numbers of homeless veterans in Minneapolis.

The organization works to help homeless veterans who are not dressed appropriately for the cold winters in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The project began with volunteers giving veterans a quilt designed just for them. Quilts are still accepted, but just as—or perhaps more important—are donations of warm clothing and cold-weather gear. Help-A-Vet is seeking items such as winter boots and coats, socks, long johns, hooded sweatshirts, new men’s underwear, travel-sized toiletries, backpacks and sleeping bags.

The organizations are also expanding their mission to help veterans find jobs and housing, so monetary contributions are also welcome.

If you would like to help Post 413 Legion Auxiliary collect these necessary warm weather items, simply bring them to the American Legion lounge in Grand Marais. If you would like more information, please contact Nancy Backlund at (218) 387-1798.

Weekend News Roundup for October 18

Sat, 10/18/2014 - 10:17am

Each week the WTIP news department puts together a roundup of the weeks top news stories. Climate change, wolf populations, lynx critical habitat, and a new dog sled race…all figured in this week’s news.


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