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Cornerstone Community Church sponsoring blood drive

Sat, 09/13/2014 - 10:52am

Memorial Blood Center will hold a blood drive from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 17 at Cornerstone Community Church, 1 Cedar Grove Lane, Grand Marais. (One block up the hill from the Law Enforcement Center on the new Gunflint Trail.)

 Did you know that every two seconds, someone needs blood — from heart transplant and cancer patients to accident victims in crises? Memorial Blood Centers faces a demand of over 2,700 units a week to meet the needs of more than 30 health care partners in the area. And making a blood donation is one way to give a potentially life-saving gift to friends, family and community.

Donating blood—the ultimate renewable resource—is safe and convenient when you are in good health, 17 years or older, free of antibiotics for 24 hours (unless taken daily for skin condition), and symptom-free for at least three days following a cold or flu.

Call Valerie Gustafson at (218) 387-9026 for more information or to reserve an appointment time

Moving Matters seeks comments on Grand Marais Highway 61 corridor

Sat, 09/13/2014 - 10:50am

About 50 people came out on Thursday, Sept. 4 to the Grand Marais Public Library for a Moving Matters event intended to start discussion about Highway 61. Organizers asked, “Is the Highway 61 corridor serving the community well as it is currently designed?” and “How can it be improved for safety, economic opportunity, and as the ‘front door’ to our community?”

The event was a continuation of the discussions of “Complete Streets” with the Minnesota Department of Transportation in May and is part of the ongoing efforts of the City of Grand Marais and the Sawtooth Mountain Clinic’s Moving Matters project to create streets that are safe for bikes, pedestrians and automobiles.

Mike Fisher, senior vice president of LHB Engineering & Architects and C.J. Fernandez, a landscape architect with AvenueDesign Partners, facilitated much of the meeting. After public comments were collected, Fernandez said this is an initial assessment, adding, “There are a lot of parts to this.”

The information gleaned from this first meeting will be compiled and will be available on the Moving Matters website. For those who missed the meeting but wish to comment, they can do so on the website. (

Wolf trapped and killed in Grand Marais

Fri, 09/12/2014 - 12:22pm

 Reports of several close calls and rumors of at least two more wolf attacks in the last week have had Grand Marais pet owners on edge. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Conservation Officer Darin Fagerman confirmed two attacks, but added that he hopes the problem is over with the trapping and killing of an apparent problem wolf on Saturday, September 6.

A dog was injured at the County Road 6 home of Kathy and Gary Siesennop on Friday, September 5. At about 5:20 a.m., Kathy Siesennop let their golden retriever, Ripper, outside. Moments later, she heard the dog yelping and crying as he ran back onto the deck.  Examining the retriever, the Siesennops found that he had a puncture wound on his back haunch and his leg was bleeding in two spots.

The Williams family on Fall River Road (County Road 13), about three miles from Siesennops witnessed their Scottish terrier, Captain Jack, taken by a wolf.

David Williams said he was doing some chores on the family’s farm at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 4, riding his all-terrain vehicle (ATV) to an outbuilding near his barn when he saw a wolf in pursuit of his lab, Buck. He said the lab ran away, but unfortunately the Scottie ran toward the wolf.

Williams took after the wolf on the ATV and chased it off. He and his son-in-law walked the property and found Jack’s body. The wolf apparently dropped the little dog when it was being chased.

Williams said he would like to believe the wolf trapped and killed in Grand Marais is the one that killed his dog, but he is doubtful. He said the wolf he saw was much bigger and the coloring seemed different than the photos he has seen of the one killed in Grand Marais.

Public input wanted on deer management goals

Fri, 09/12/2014 - 12:20pm

Cook County is included in the preliminary details of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ upcoming 2015 deer population goal-setting process now available on the DNR’s website.

“Working with citizens to achieve conservation and management goals is integral to the mission of the DNR,” said Leslie McInenly, DNR big game program leader. “To make sure that goals are based on the broad range of public interest in deer, we use a public process to help determine how many deer to manage for in a given area.”

Deer population goals will be set for 40 of Minnesota’s 128 deer permit areas during the upcoming process, which formally kicks off in October when nominations open for advisory team members and concludes in May 2015 with the announcement of final goals.

Large portions of northeastern, north-central and east-central Minnesota will be affected, including Cook County, which is in Area 1 (Superior Uplands Arrowhead, which is comprised of permit areas 117, 122, 126, 127, 180).

There will be opportunities for broad public input through public meetings as well as online and written questionnaires prior to convening a citizen advisory team for each area. The DNR also is collecting representative data on public desires using hunter and landowner mail surveys administered by the University of Minnesota.

“The public participation process has been designed to include input from anyone who has an interest in deer management,” McInenly said. “Citizen team members also will be selected to represent the range of public interests, including hunting, wildlife viewing, natural resource management and local business interests.”

This is the third year the DNR has worked with citizens to reassess and re-establish deer population goals in Minnesota.

For more details, visit the DNR’s website:


Great Decisions group discussion topic will be U.S. Trade Policy: September 18

Thu, 09/11/2014 - 4:23pm

The Great Decisions discussion series will feature the topic 'U.S. Trade Policy' at their September 18 meeting. WTIP volunteer Joey Detrick spoke with Bill Davnie, leader of next Thursday's discussion, on North Shore Morning. 

The Great Decisions meeting will be held on Thursday, September 18 at the Cook County Community Center, 317 West 5th Street, Grand Marais.  
Great Decisions is America's largest discussion program on world affairs.  The program model involves reading the Great Decisions Briefing Book, watching the DVD and meeting in a Discussion Group to discuss the most critical global issues facing America today.


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Grand Portage Elders "Reading with Kids" at Oshki Ogimaag

Thu, 09/11/2014 - 11:04am

The “Reading with Kids” program started the second week of school at Oshki Ogimaag. The Grand Portage Elders continue to donate time at the school each week to encourage children to read.

If you can spare 20 minutes twice a week to listen to grade school children practice their reading, please contact Patty at 475-2655 or 2002. Elders participate in “Reading with Kids” on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:45 a.m. in the morning.