Someone sent me a message, but I didn't get it.

  • Make sure they're sending it to the correct email address. A common mistake people make is to use rather than in the email address.
  • Are they replying to a message you sent them? Check your email settings to make sure you're using the correct return address on your emails. To do this:
    • In Outlook Express: Click the [Tools] menu, [Accounts]. In the window that opens, click the [Mail] tab, click your account and click the [Properties] button. Check the email address shown on the window that appears to make sure it's correct - if not, correct it and click OK.
    • In Eudora: Click the [Tools] menu, [Options]. Click [Getting Started] on the top left, and make sure the [Return Address] is correct. If not, correct it and click OK.
    • Netscape 4.79 and earlier: Click the [Edit] menu, [Preferences]. Double-click [Mail and Newsgroups] on the left and click [Identity]. Make sure the email address and Reply-to address are correct. If not, correct them and click OK.
    • Netscape 6 and above: Click the [Edit] menu, [Mail and Newsgroup Account Settings]. Make sure the Email address and Reply-To address are correct. If not, correct them and click OK.
  • Call the Boreal office with the email address of the person who sent you the mail and the date they sent it. If it was sent in the last week, we can check the logs and see if it was inadvertantly blocked by the spam filtering system. If so, you can whitelist that email address so it doesn't happen again by going here. If the message was sent in the last 48 hours, we can probably retrieve it and send it to you.
  • Are you signed up for greylisting?  Some senders have unusual configurations, and for those people the greylisting may end up blocking their mail.  Contact the Boreal office and have their email address whitelisted.