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Which calendar should I use?

99% of the time you should post your event to the Cook County Community Calendar. This calendar is open to the public and can be used for pretty much any (legal) event occurring in Cook County. Events posted to this calendar also show up on the Boreal home page the day of the event.

The North Shore Arts calendar is used by the Playhouse, Art Colony, and other artist organizations to post their events. Events posted to this calendar appear in the list of events on the North Shore Community Calendar, but don't appear on the Boreal home page.

The other calendars are generally dedicated to and maintained by special groups such as the schools and Senior Center.

How do I post an event to the calendar?

To post an event, go to the calendar you want to post your message to and click the "Add Events" or "Add One Event" link at the bottom of the page.  Then simply fill out the form and click the "Add Event" button at the bottom to save it to the calendar.  Note - you do not need to be logged into the calendar to post your event, but if you post an event when you're not logged in you will not be able to go back and modify it.

Once you've submitted your event it will be reviewed by the organization who operates the calendar, and on approval will appear on the calendar. This approval process prevents spammers from posting spurious events on the calendars - it's very rare for an event submitted by a Boreal member to not be approved!

I found a mistake in an event I posted, or my event was cancelled. How do I fix it?

If you were logged into the calendar when you posted the event, log in again with the same email address.  Then find your event on the calendar and click the event title to view it.  When you're viewing it, you'll see an "Edit Event" link at the bottom of the event.  Click this link and you'll be take to the form where you can update the event.

If you weren't logged in when you posted the event you won't be able to update it.  In this case, if you find a mistake on one of your events, please contact the Boreal office (387-9471 or and we will be happy to update your event for you.

How do I get my event to show on the Boreal home page?

Be sure to post it to the North Shore Community calendar. Events posted to this calendar automatically appear on the home page the day of the event.  Events posted to other calendars won't appear on the home page.

When should I post my event?

Please try to post your event before the day of the event.  Because the events must be reviewed before being displayed on the calendar, items posted on the day of the event may not be approved and displayed until the event is over.  Boreal makes every attempt to be timely in approving messages sent to the Community Calendar, but there is sometimes a delay, especially on events posted outside of business hours.

Can I get my own calendar?

If you'd like to have a calendar your organization can use, simply contact the Boreal office and we can set one up for you.  Because our license to the calendar software limits the number of calendars we can create, we can't set up calendars for individuals.

What types of events may I post to the Community Calendar, and what are the rules for posting events to the public calendars?

Generally, you can post any legal event taking place in Cook County, Minnesota.   However, please make sure your events meet the following rules:

  • The event description may explain the event, purpose of the event, what will be discussed or presented, etc., but you may not state personal or political opinion as part of the event description.  For example, your description may state something like, "Join us for a discussion of the nnnn bill currently being discussed in Congress."  However, it may not say something like, "The nnnn bill currently being discussed in Congress will destroy the future of this country!  Join us to discuss its implications."
  • You may post the event only for the day and time that the event takes place.  For example, if an event is happening on July 5, you may not post it July 2, 3 and 4  - you may only post it on the 5th.
  • Be courteous and respect other people's opinions. If you disagree, do it politely. Personal attacks, name-calling, profanity and threats will not be tolerated.
  • Never re-post a personal message that you have received as part of a calendar event. If there is pertinent information in a private email message that you wish to include, then post only that portion, and only after you have received the explicit permission of the author of the message.
  • If there is extensive information associated with an event, please try to post a link (URL) to information rather then posting the entire content.  If you do post information which you have not authored, give proper credit.

All events must be approved by the Boreal staff before appearing on the Community Calendar.  Boreal reserves the right to delete or refuse to approve any event which does not meet the above rules, or any event which they deem to be inappropriate for any reason.  The fact that Boreal has approved an event does not mean Boreal endorses that event. 

All postings on the calendar are those of the author and you rely on these postings at your own risk.