General Questions

What's the difference between a "login name" and a "username"?

  • Not a thing. Just another labeling quirk to make computer lingo confusing.
  • How can I tell how much time I have logged this month?

  • Head over to our: TimeKeeper. You will need your user name and password.
  • How do I change my password?

  • Go to: Change Password Page. You will need your user name and current password.   Wifi customers - this will not change the password you use to sign into the Wifi system.  Please call the Boreal office if you need this password changed.
  • Is there any way to monitor what my kids are allowed to see on the web?

  • Aside from constant supervision there are several programs that allow you determine what is accessible to your children. Yahoo has a very good index of such software at: / Business and Economy / Shopping and Services / Communication and Information Management / Internet and World Wide Web / Software / Blocking and Filtering/ .
  • Can I install the Boreal Access configuration on more than one computer?

    • Yes, however, you will only be able to log in from one computer at a time. If you want to login more than one computer at the same time you will be required to have a second Boreal account, or you will need to have your computers networked together so they can share a single Internet connection.

    Nothing seems to work! I can't fix it!!!!!!!

    • Close everything, and reboot your computer. This really can fix a lot of problems!
    • If that doesn't fix it the best thing to do is to stop and take a break...have a cupa something and look out the window for a while...or if it's 1:30 in the morning...hit the hay and try again in the morning. Please don't hesitate to call 387-9471... but not at 1:30 AM!...We don't know all the answers but we will sure try and help!