What's the Classified Ads Digest?

  • You can view Classified Ads anytime from the Boreal home page, but if you want you may also receive the ads in your email by signing up for the Classified Ads digest.
  • If you've signed up for the digest you'll receive an email once a day, just after midnight, showing all the classified ads that were posted on the previous day.
  • You can sign up to receive all the Classified ads, or just ads that were posted to certain categories.  For example, if you're job hunting you can sign up to receive just the Help Wanted ads.
  • To sign up for the Classified Ads digest, click on the Classified Ads link on the home page.  At the bottom of the page that comes up, enter your email address and click the "Digest Information" button.  Select the categories you want to receive and click the Sign-Up button.