Why aren't my messages getting posted to the list?

  • Have you waited long enough? Remember, it can take up to an hour for you to see your message come over the list. Please wait at least an hour before assuming the message didn't go through.


  • Are you a member of the list? You must be subscribed as a member of the list in order to post to it. Click here to see how to subscribe.


  • Are you sending your message from a different email address than the one you subscribed to the list with? The message must come from the same email address you used when you subscribed. For example, if you're sending a message from work, the email address your work computer uses must be the one that is subscribed to the list.


  • Does the message include any attachments? Boreal's list software will reject any message that includes an attachment. This prevents viruses from being spread through the lists and keeps message sizes manageable, especially for our dial-up members.
  • Are you using Netscape vCards or Outlook Express Business cards? A vCard or business card is automatically included as an attachment to all your messages, and the lists will reject messages with attachments. To turn off vCards or Business cards:
    • In Netscape Communicator: Go to the [Edit] menu and select [Preferences]. On the left side of the screen, under "Mail and Newsgroups", click on "Identity". At the bottom of the screen on the right is an option to "Attach my personal card to messages". Make sure it is un-checked. If it's checked, click on it to uncheck it, then click OK.
    • In Outlook Express: Go to the [Tools] menu and select [Options]. Click on the Compose tab. At the bottom is a section for Business Cards. Make sure Mail is un-checked in that section. If it's checked, click on it to uncheck it, then click OK.