About The Project

The Peace of Mind Project is a Cook County Broadband Commission Aging-in-Place demonstration project. The primary goal of the project is to demonstrate to Cook County seniors that there are some new broadband technologies that may be of interest to them. A secondary goal is to give our healthcare community an opportunity to experiment with some of these same remote monitoring technologies to see if they can be used to improve or expand upon the healthcare services that are offered in the county.

The project is funded by the North Shore Health Care Foundation and the Blandin Foundation, with significant support provided by the following project partners:

  • Cook County North Shore Hospital
  • Sawtooth Mountain Clinic
  • Care Partners
  • Cook County Public Health and Human Services
  • Boreal Access
  • Cook County Higher Education
  • Arrowhead Electric Cooperative

Members from some of the above partner organizations make up the project team that is managing this demonstration project.  The way we hope to demonstrate the value of broadband to seniors, and at the same time help our healthcare community gain experience with remote monitoring technologies, is to install several remote-monitoring systems in the homes of participating seniors in cooperation with their primary caregiver.  We have enough money to install up to 10 systems depending upon the cost of sensors that are needed for each system.  Our selection criteria for including a potential client is designed to give us experience with:

  • the broadest possible range of client health and safety concerns
  • a range of client locations within the county
  • both local and remote caregivers
  • clients with varying needs for healthcare involvement and oversight

Each client and their caregiver will be assigned a client coordinator from the project team who will help them select a system and a set of sensors most appropriate for the client’s needs, facilitate the system installation in the home and conduct periodic follow-ups to insure that the client is getting the most out.

Click here to download a Brochure about the project.

Terry Meath

Peace of Mind Project Leader

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